Building ‘Bridges’

  • It makes me smile when i build these pieces, visitors who watch can not understand the effort undertaken to achieve the final outcome. As the sculpture collapses they look on in horror as the day’s work begins to fall, Yet this is the crux of the moment the path is laid out with success or failure, this is largely determined by the material if it is unhappy it will fall  quite often reducing the work to its natural state in seconds.

    Sometimes just a few branches will shout their displeasure at where I have placed them with a large crash from the floor yet the structure will stay true, my favorite scenario is when the piece drops cracking and groaning as it settles itself down, at this point as my heart resides in my mouth the sculpture will tighten finding its own sense of self and letting me know that its happy  and that it is structurally sound. From this point there is a strong chance this sculpture will stand until I decide it is time to pull it down. This is not to say as I add to the sculpture the new sections will not fall but even when this happens the skeleton of the piece will usually  stay intact allowing me to begin to dictate shape and form.

    The sculpture was named bridges as a reference to life decisions one has to undertake one false move and things can come crashing  down around our feet yet with the right path we can grow, previous experience allowing one to move forward and flourish. This is not to say things will still not happen to create a crash but by making positive connections one knows at least we tried to understand the nature of what we are doing,  allowing us to start again growing stronger through the act of positive output.

    Sculpture as a life analogy how cliche yet it rings true in all art for isn’t art a window to the soul?

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