Going round in circles

  • As part of an exhibition I attempted something I had not done before; The act of a reproduction of the circular sculpture I previously posted. Usually when creating the balanced branch works to have a fixed idea is usually doomed from the start, the sculptures tend to dictate their form.

    The circular structure is slightly different to my other works whilst technically  difficult to build it is closest to my experience working with stone. The original piece could not actually be repeated, there is know way of piecing the hundreds of branches together in any set sequence, therefore the sculpture is in fact an original just using the same material.

    The first circle was eight feet in diameter, for this incarnation I bought the diameter in by 250 mm allowing the structure to gain another 200 mm in height, this created a far more dominant sculpture, in fact the new work has far outstripped the last in both form and presence, although smaller internal measurements it actually feels much bigger.

    IMG_8763 IMG_8764

    IMG_8766IMG_8769 IMG_8768IMG_8770IMG_8801





  • 6 thoughts on “Going round in circles

    1. I know a woman sculpteure that works in this sense…Eliana Castro, in Argentina, would be interesting a contact between you!
      Beautifl and strong works yours !!!

      • That sounds amazing, please check out my book it is under the post resonance of the self as a pdf, it shows the other side of my practice and looks at how the landscape alters our sense of self.

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