Snow and sticks

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  • After creating a topographic study of the village Uley in Gloucestershire (where I grew up ),  I embarked on a series of works creating measurement systems of the landscape in which the village sits. To try and unite this strand of practice with my work with natural materials I had the opportunity to return to the village to create a work of art based on the powerful relationship I had with the environment.





    Uley village – Gloucestershire



    During a walk  looking for a site to produce a piece of work I came across a huge fallen oak tree that had strong relevance to my growth with in the village, it was once a mighty structure with a sunken recess about six feet in diameter at the top of the trunk, a perfect plateau to climb on to and use as a tree house, this would also come in useful as a teenager disappearing to smoke cigarettes.

    The other relevance is the backdrop the house that i was born in and the reason my parents came to the village sits on the hill overlooking the site, another strong reminder of the deep threads within the landscape and the unrestricted play of childhood.

    Coincidentally  their was also the remnants of all the branches stripped from the tree, a perfect excuse to try and link my hands on construction methods with the contextual research of my sense of belonging to the space within the place I grew up.

    As i began the initial structure a heavy coat of snow fell allowing the chance to create a more solid structure packing the branches with ice and snow.

    Sticks and snow

    Sticks and snow



    Over the couple of days it took to erect I added more snow, refining the structure, hoping that as the surrounding snow melted the sculpture would remain white against the emerging greens and browns, like sinew structural muscle the green branches began to become ever present in the remaining sculpture.


    Returning to natural form.

    Returning to natural form.

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